Hokkien based Japanese Chanpon Noodle from Nagasaki

Nagasaki is famous for local ramen noodle known as chanpon and the basic idea of this dish is said to be Hokkien in origin (there are lots of Hokkien descents in Nagasaki). The credit goes to a Hokkien owner (陳平順 Mr. Hei Jun Chin) of a Chinese restaurant in Nagasaki -Shikairou(四海楼). It just occurred to me one day when I was eating chanpon that the ingredients used -pork, shrimp, squid and vegetables (such as beansprouts), with a slightly thick noodle (slightly thinner than the Malaysian Hokkien mee) and pork/seafood stock were very similar to Hokkien mee.
What's interesting is that you eat this dish with a dash of Worcestershire sauce -the acidity and the spiciness of the sauce is a great complement to this dish, surprisingly -who ever thought of this?
Like I said earlier, the noodle is quite thick and this champon used be called Chinese udon. According to the website of Shikairou, the word chanpon came from Hokkien dialect -(吃飯 -jiag pong or eat a meal).

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