Fried Carrot Cake 菜頭粿 Chai Tow Kway (Kueh)

Chai Tow Kway (Kueh) is a popular Singapore snack where radish cakes are made by steaming minced radish and rice flour, cut into cubes then fried with lard, seasonings, eggs, chye poh (pickled chopped radish), garlic and scallions. Similar snack also exists in Penang which is known as char koay kak (炒粿角) but uses rice cakes instead of radish cake with slightly different seasoning.
白菜斗という商品ラベルだ。さて白菜头という漢字の下には英語で「White Carrot」と書かれているではないか!そう、大根の事をキャロットというのだ。ちなみに人参はというと「紅菜头」、直訳するとレッドキャロット。大根一本なんと80セント=50円くらい。やっす〜。
Firm radish cakes (not the soft kind which is usually served at dim sum places) are used for making carrot cake but why is it called "carrot cake" in the first place? Second photo says it all -I went to a Chinese grocery store in Singapore and witnessed a signboard written: "白菜斗 White Carrot." That's right, daikon or radish is known as white carrot, hence the name -fried carrot cake. On the other hand, the regular orange carrot is written: "紅菜斗 Red Carrot." Here in Tokyo, daikon radish would cost between SG$4~$6 but wow, 80 cents is incredibly inexpensive! キャロットケーキを炒めるのに使用するのは中華鍋ではない。分厚くて平な鉄板を使用する。中華鍋を使用するより、広く平な鉄板の方が上手にキャロットケーキのキューブを炒められるのだ。
A very flat (cast iron?) wok is used to fry the carrot cakes. Partially fried carrot cakes are set aside and when order comes, they are moved into the center (more heat) and fried with the rest of the ingredients. Depending on your preference, this dish comes in black (with sweet black sauce added) or white (without it).

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