Bak Kut Teh @ Leong Kee 梁記

I understand that there is this "記" in some of the Chinese restarurants, something like "chez" in French.  But I have never encountered this at a bak kut teh place that has "記" except for Malaysia.  I know, who cares.  Leong Kee is a Malaysian style bak kut teh joint in Singapore.  I am a great fan of Teochew style bak kut teh but I sitll love Hokkien and Malaysian version.  It's like comparing apples and oranges, they are different food.  At Leong Kee, because the sign board says Klang, I believe it is Klang style bak kut teh but it wasn't anything like the one I had at two famous bak kut teh joints in Klang.   Bak kut teh that I had in Klang were simple, just pork ribs (and if you prefer you could add options like bean curd sheets) but the soup were incredibly collagenous and dark -very rich, served with green chili and the rice had some pork bits inside, maybe tossed with a pinch of lard.  But my question always is: what certify as a Klang style bak kut teh?  Teochew is very obvious.  If Leong Kee is Klang sytle, now I am confused.

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yun さんのコメント...

i think one of the best one is at bugis area. it's at the coffee shop opposite fu lu shou complex, pop by if you can. (:

Shigeki Koshiba 小柴茂樹 さんのコメント...

Thanks for your recommendation! Will definitely try when I visit Singapore again.