Paper Wrapped Chicken Home Made One

Everyone who has eaten paper-wrapped chicken (please refer to my article), aka chee pow kai, knows that they are deep fried in oil.  Yet, is there a difference if you deep fry, or put it in high-heat oven or even steam them?  After all, the paper is acting as a resistant, protecting the marinated chicken from being over-caramelized and what is actually happening inside is that the chicken is steamed from its own juices.   I tested 3 methods as mentioned above and compared the flavor & texture differences.  Actually, flavor-wise, there are no dramatic differences, truly miniscule to even realize them.  The texture is what came out different.  Deep frying in oil at 180 degrees celsius and putting in the oven at 200 degrees celsius basically yielded the same texture -nice and juicy and chewy (in a good way).  Steaming at 85 degrees celsius yielded a melt in your mouth texture, and most of my staff preferred this delicate texture.  Well this is indeed a matter of personal preference since if you want an ever tender chee pow kai, then mind as well use chicken tenders (though the flavor is more subtle compared to chicken thigh).  Also, deep frying in oil tend to be a little messy when you eat them.  Your hands get oily and at times, chicken protein sticks to the parchment paper.  


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