Vegetable dish at Ng Ah Sio Pork Rib Eating House 黄亞細肉骨茶餐室

Ng Ah Sioの肉骨茶屋へ行くと必ず、店員さんからがベジタブールとシンガポールアクセントで

Whenever I visit Ng Ah Sio at Rangoon Rd. for a bowl of bak kut teh, the staff always always, ask everyone for a vegetable or a mushroom dish.  And I usually end up ordering either or both of the dishes.  I know that the mushroom served there is a type of young shiitake mushroom but I have always wondered what the vegetable was.  Until now, I have never asked them what vegetable they were using.  Apparently, the vegetable is turng-wo(筒蒿)which in Singapore I have never come across.  I went to the market but not all the stalls sell this vegetable like kailan or kangkong.  The flavor is somewhat herbal (perhaps I could call this an asian arugula) and in Japan, we have a very similar tasting vegetable known as shungiku (used for tempura, hotpots and sukiyaki).  

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red fir さんのコメント...

Tung-o is usually only available during Chinese New Year when it's added to the hotpot, similar to Japanese nabe. :)

Shigeki Koshiba 小柴茂樹 さんのコメント...

Hello Ice, thanks for the tip. I have yet to experience Chinese New Year in Singapore, it must be food galore.