Singapore Indian Part 1: Mutton Steak

It is a known fact that Singapore has a unique Indian dish which does not exist in India sub-continent.  The list is enormous but popular ones include: fish head curry, roti prata, mee goreng and indian rojak.  But there are much more, take mutton steak for example.  Well, judging from the word, you'd expect a nice chunky mutton steak but no.  The lamb bits are chopped into bite size pieces and fried with cabbage, potatoes, green chilies and green pees.  This sounds familar.  It's like mee goreng minus noodles.  And look at the bright red color from the food coloring!  They say it's the color from the spices but it's impossible.  Like a bruschetta, you can top these on top of sliced baguette.  Flavor is not that bad but it's quite robust and I can't eat much of it.


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