Teochew Steamed Fish 潮州蒸魚


It is indeed difficult for foreigners to distinguish what's Teochew and what's Hokkien. From my experience, Hokkien flavor is more robust whereas Teochew is rather delicate and simple -quite close to Japanese palate. Of course, it is culturally, historically and technically much more complicated than what I have mentioned but let me get into that later on more specifically. Steamed Pomfret is a classic Teochew dish where all the Teochew restaurants have it on their menu. Elegantly light dish composed of shredded ginger, scallions, cilatro, shredded dry shiitake, tomato, pickled mustard greens (Kiam Chye) and pickled sour plum (Kiam Buay). The delicate yet potent broth infused from all the garnishes is absolutely heavenly -slightly sour note from tomato, pickled mustard greens and pickled sour plum with a pleasant sweetness from the pomfret and added complexity from the aromatic veggies.

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