Mee Siam Home Made One

Mee Siamについて色々語ってきたのだが、今回は海南鶏飯食堂・恵比寿店の料理長・大久保と実際に試作してみた。拘ったポイントはビーフン・グレービー(ソース)・エビ・ゆで卵である。まずはビーフン、グレービーが少し汁っぽいので、極細よりもっと麺がソースに絡む太めのビーフンを使用した。ソースの味は日本でいう味噌ラーメンと坦坦麺の間のようなコクのあるソースをタマリンドジュースの酸味ですっきりさせた。ほのかな干エビの香ばしさが印象的だ。エビはゆで過ぎずメディアム状態で仕上げた。ゆで卵も同じく、ゆで過ぎず、黄身の中心がトロっとした状態をキープ(湯で時間6分)。現地のエビや卵はいつも、茹で過ぎと感じていた為、トッピングの仕上がりには拘ってみた。付け合せのサンバルコレン(Sambal Goreng)も自家製だ。ほんのり甘辛いサンバルはタマリンドの入ったソースと良く会う。これだったら、売り物になるかな・・・

Since I've been blogging couple of times about this Singapore's famous beehoon noodle dish -Mee Siam which I really don't care too much but was curious to bring this dish up a few notch, I decided to make it on my own. Stalls at Food Centre tend to over-boil the prawns and the eggs, so I cooked them just right, namely, prawns were of medium doneness and boiled eggs were boiled for precisely 6 minutes then shocked in ice water giving yolk a creamier texture. The gravy should have a nice balance of saltiness from taucheo (miso-like sauce), good acidity from the tamarind and robustness from sauteed dried shrimp. I have used slightly thicker beehoon noodles because I believe it absorbs gravy better than the thinner type of beehoon noodles. Homemade Sambal Goreng (pic top) adds a sweet-spicy touch to the dish.

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georgenagata さんのコメント...

Looks real delicious! When will it be on the menu?

Would love to try stir-fried pork with cincaluk someday.

-chicken rice kozou

Shigeki Koshiba 小柴茂樹 さんのコメント...

George, How goes it? You know, if you tell me when you're coming (like few days in advance) I may be able to dish up totally new stuff for you -it only just depends on my schedule, but I am totally up for dishing up some stuff for you and friends.