Instant Noodle: Chilli Crab Noodle & Mee Siam シンガポールの即席麺その1


Instant noodle was invented by a guy called Momofuku Ando in 1958 in Japan. The first instant noodle was named "Chicken Ramen" But this instant noodle was not the cup-ready-to-go noodle but a packaged one where you put the noodle in a bowl and pour hot water. Through advanced research and trial and error, the incredible mega-hit cup noodle was out to public May 1971. The price back then was 100yen when a price of packaged instant noodle was 25 yen. You can still buy it for less than 150yen after 40 years! I often do not eat instant noodles in Singapore because I cannot waste my appetite on something like fast food or instant food but I bought some at the airport and flew it back with me. First one up is Nissin's (a company that made instant noodle) Chilli Crab flavored Cup Noodle. It comes with a spicy chilli packet which tastes more or less like nam prick pow -the ubiquitous Thai condiment. The rest is like a regular cup noodle with freeze dried surimi stick. This is made in Singapore but it does not taste anything like chilli crab. What were the R&D people at Nissin thinking? Next one up is Myojo (another Japanese instant noodle company) mee siam. How would you describe the flavor of mee siam sold at food centres? There's that similar flavor be it Nonya version, Malay version or Indian version -slightly tart, sweet and spicy and the hae bi or dried shrimp giving that richness and complexity. None of those in this instant one. It also came with the same flavoring nam prick pow like the chilli crab flavored cup noodle. It also contains freeze dried cabbage and green onion, I believe. I just don't know how anyone could sell this as a mee siam. But do not get me wrong here. The taste is not that bad but I just am concerned about the naming of the product.