Soft Boiled Egg 半熟卵

半熟卵が好きな国民はなにも日本だけではない。シンガポールの朝食に欠かせないないのはこの半熟卵。これを混ぜて、醤油と白胡椒をふりかけて、カヤトーストと食べるのが朝の幸せ。ポーチドエッグとは、別の食感と味わいがある。色々なところでこれをオーダーするが、とにかく美しく仕上げるのが、チャイナストリート(China St.)のFar East SquareにあるYa Kun Kaya Toastだ(写真上)。最終的にぐちゃぐちゃに混ぜてしまうのものだが、技を感じる(写真下)。それもそのはず、このお店は元祖で、他のフランチャイズのお店とは違うのだ。西洋のポーチドエッグも好きだが、食感の違うソフトボイルドエッグも最高だ。濃厚な鴨の卵で試してみたくなる。

Japan and Singapore have something in common when it comes to eggs. We love soft boiled eggs! Called Onsen Tamago in Japanese -literally meaning hot spring bath egg because originally eggs were boiled in hot spring bath and it was an ideal temperature to poach the egg in their shells (around 65℃). I would say that texture-wise, Singapore one is a little softer than onsen tamago. We also eat the soft boiled egg with dashi or we top them on top of lot of things -Japanese curry, yakisoba, donburi's, etc. It's actually one of my favorite breakfast when I am in Singapore (yes, i know I can make this at home but the experience is different), yet together with kaya toast and rich kopi, it is marriage made in heaven. Ya Kun Kaya Toast at Far East Square makes one the most beautiful soft boiled eggs in Singapore -just look at it! Though you end up mixing them all up... I'd love to have this using duck egg one of these days...


Kampung(Kampong) Chicken カンポンチキン Part 2

シンガポールで売られているカンポンチキン(放し飼い・フリーレンジ)ですが、前回も説明した通り、結局放し飼いではなく、ブロイラーと同じように育てられた品種の違う鶏です。ただ、恐らく消費者のマインドは、放し飼いでイコールオーガニックに近い鶏という認識があると思います。シンガポールでは有名なスーパーSheng Siongの鶏。ちなみに左はオス、右はメスです。当然、オスとメスでは若干味に違いがありますが、日本ではこんな表記ないですよね。
Refer to my blog on kampong chicken (previous). These kampong chicken was sold at one of my favorite super market in Singapore, Sheng Siong (Tekka Centre branch). Like I said earlier, there is no real kampong or free range chicken in Singapore. They are a specific breed of chicken raised like broilers. Yet general conception of kampong chicken is of course not broiler-method chicken but close to more organic chicken, I suspect. Interesting that the chicken is labeled female and male. There is a difference in taste. In Japan or elsewhere that I lived, there's never this distinction. This is great.
これを撮影したのが、4月1日なので、鶏の鮮度はすごく良いDate of Slaughter3月31日と記載されている。いくらマレーシアでもチルドの鶏は輸入できないので、シンガポールで活〆されたのだろう。
I shot this on April 1st so the chicken is very fresh -impressive. Since chilled chicken from Malaysia or anywhere outside Singapore is banned by AVA, this I presume was slaughtered in Singapore.
At Geylang Serai market, they sell kampong chicken egg. Although I am not sure if this is a so-called free range chicken egg, it is a little bit smaller than the usual egg. Normally, people believe that brown egg is more superior than white egg but, the only difference is the breed of chicken that lays the egg. Brown does not necessarily entail organic free range eggs.
Fresh kampong chicken which I saw at Tekka market, butcher section. The chickens are slightly skinnier than broilers and have slightly yellow hue. It seems like kampong chicken is pretty much readily available everywhere.