Teochew Duck sans Gravy 潮州鹵鴨

Braised duck ala Teochew style (aka Lor Ark) with special spices (star anise, cardamom, clove, etc) and herbs (galangal) but where's the gravy!   Yup, I trashed it by mistake, sorry ducky.  And where's the dipping sauce?  It's great with the usual tangy chilli sauce, but after some research, I discovered that it's also great with black vinegar and garlic dipping sauce.  I can see that working...  Some places in Singapore thicken the sauce with not corn starch but some kind of starch which makes the room temp. sauce, gooey.  My gut feeling says it's tapioca flour, the one used for lor mee (it's the same "lor" innit?).  My first attempt of Teochew duck was okay except for the gravy, the flavor component was there, but the quality of the duck really sucked.  Ingredients definitely come first.  I should try it with goose -the real stuff. 

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