Steamed Minced Pork w/Salted Fish 鹹魚蒸肉餅

シンガポール料理というよりは広東料理の定番惣菜ですが、ジューチアッロード(Joo Chiat Road)にある私の好きな広東惣菜屋=ジューヘン(Joo Heng・裕興菜館)での定番料理を恵比寿店で再現してみた。日本では入手しにくい塩漬け発酵イシモチ、ハムユイ又はシュンユイ(鹹魚)を台湾人である姉の旦那KL氏から戴いたので久々に蒸し豚ミンチ&ハムユイを作ることにした。ちなみにシンガポールでは、コーヒーショップで色々な惣菜(広東系・潮州系・ホッケン系、マレーチャイニーズ系、等)やシーフード料理を出すお店をCze Char Restaurantという。「煮炒」と書くのだが、ヂュウチャオ又はズィーチャーという。中華屋台レストランとは違いシンガポール独特の惣菜も多く提供する。例えばサンバルソースを乗せたマナガツオ、臭豆とエビのサンバル炒め、シリアルで絡めたエビ等。
Salted Fish or Ham Yu is one of the ingredients that's really nothing alone but when combined with ingredients like pork or veggies, it is absolutely divine. My brother-in-law who is a Taiwanese gave me this precious ingredient (brought them from Hong Kong) and so, I cooked one of my favorite Cantonese dish (not necessarily a Singaporean dish...). Roughly ground pork with cubed pork fat, minced ginger, corn starch, Chinese sake, white pepper, salt, light soy sauce and a bit of sesame oil. Top this off with ham yu and it's ready for a steamer. Steaming at a slightly low temperature of 80 degrees for 15 minutes. Top with julienned ginger and wow, I could eat tons of bowls of rice with this! I will try claypot rice and sauteed veggie next time.

I first discovered this Cantonese dish at a fabulous and legendary cze char restaurant on Joo Chiat Rd. called Joo Heng. They are known for a Cantonese cze char but some of the things are intrinsically Singaporean. Sambal Belacan is always on the table and their sambal stir fried stuff is absolutely my fav.

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