Mud Crabs マッドクラブ ノコギリカザミ


Mud crab or otherwise known as Sri Lankan crab is an absolutely essential ingredient in chilli crabs and pepper crabs. Sri Lanakan crab -does it mean the crab is from Sri Lanka? Not really, although there are plenty from Sri Lanka. India exports more mud crabs and there are growing number of crabs from Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines. Most of these mud crabs are being exported to Singapore and Malaysia -of course. According to the figures I read, S'pore and Malasia combined, consumes 10 tons of live crabs a day. Roughly 10,000 tons of mud crabs are
caught each year but experts caution that over-fishing of small mud crabs could result in decline of number of crabs.
Mud crab is prized for its sweet, juicy and an incredible amount of crab meat. But this is due to the fattening process where, the caught live crab is put to a pond with an ideal saline conditions and fed 5-8% of body mass 3 times daily from few weeks to over 1 month. They are then ready for export, full of juicy flesh.

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