Using the Right Tools シンガポールホーカーの食器類


Disposable utensils at hawker centres should be banned. Of course there are environmental reasons behind this but for me, the primary reason is: paper thin plastic Chinese style soup spoon does not have the right texture when you sip a soup out of it (just one example -I also don't like styrefoam bowls and plates). You get a very good soup like fish soup and or laksa and simply bastardize it with an improper utensil. The non-disposable plastic one is sufficient but the disposable kind is simply not acceptable. So, from now on, I will carry my own soup spoon for a better dining experience. The expeience is as bad as drinking a good Burgundy Pinot with a styrefoam cup. Say "no" to disposable utensils. The utensil's texture plays an important role in tasting food and this is the fundamental rule for good food. On a different note, I had my condiment saucer (soy sauce and chilli padi) flown pathetically by an electric fan at a hawker center because it was made from disposable plastic. I got a new soy sauce with chilli padi and had to move to a safer location where the fan was not strong.

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Jason in Kyoto さんのコメント...

AMEN!!! I wish they would stop using those horrible plastic spoons. Even the change from those brown papers for 持ち帰り to the styrofoam boxes was a step in the wrong direction.

Shigeki Koshiba 小柴茂樹 さんのコメント...

word up, Jason in Kyoto.