Kothu Prata (Paratha, Parotta) Stir Fried Minced Prata コトゥプラタ

先日、リトルインディアにあるテッカマーケット(竹脚中心)の前にある老舗南インド料理屋(Blue Diamond)で珍しいものを食べた。その名もkothu prata。Roti prataは、シンガポールを代表する、南インド系の料理。その焼いたプラタをわざわざ細かく刻んでスパイスや卵で炒める。私はタミル語は、わからないが、"kothu"とはタミル語で、"刻んだ:chopped"という意味だそうだ。スリランカにもこのような料理はあり、Kothu Rotiと呼ばれている。意外と旨く、面白いので、お店のキッチンでも試してみた(写真下)。スタッフも絶賛していた。トピックからはずれるが、ここのNasi Briyaniは意外と旨い。私の好みの仕上り(写真ページ下)。Down at Little India, in front of Tekka Centre along the Buffalo Rd., there's a cuirous looking Indian Muslim restaurant called Blue Diamond introduced to me by a Indian food freak Mr. AW. Their robust mutton briyani is very very nice (pic below) served with sambar (it wasn't dalca) and raita or cucumber pachadi. But here, I found something very unique which I have never had it in Singapore before. I love roti prata but kothu or kottu prata, I've never eaten before. Apparently, the word "kothu" means "chopped" in Tamil, and the dish is exactly that, stir fried chopped roti prata with aromatic veggies, spices and egg (pics above and the 2nd one is what we made in our own kitchen). It is a common snack in Tamil Nadu and also Sri Lanka (known as kothu roti). Served without any gravy, it is filled with spice and has a great texture. It's actually quite filling so not recommended to eat with briyani if you are alone... But of course it tastes nice because you throw in the elements of Indian cuisine -tomato, chillies, cilantro, cumin seeds, ginger/garlic/onion, curry leaf, chaat masala. I prefer though, having an Indian style omelet and wrap it with roti prata so that you have a nice fluffy spiced omelet.

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