Kiam Chye 咸菜


Kiam Chye (pronounced kiam chai), also known as salted-pickled mustard cabbage is of Teochew origin however, in Singapore, where all the races come together, kiam chye is used not only in Teochew cuisine but I have also witnessed them in Hokkien, Hainanese, Peranakan and Eurasian cuisine -an ingredient which has no borders. I've always wondered but this kiam chye, doesn't it sound like kim chee? Although the chinese characters differ kiam chye (咸菜) and kimchee (沈菜) and approximate translation kiam chye -salted vegetable and kimchee -sunk vegetable. I shall look into this further.... to be continued. By the way, what does kiam chye taste like: since it is salt-preserved, you need to get rid of excess salt by soaking in the water for half an hour. The flavor resembles takana-a Japanese pickle with a slightly tangy note and simple mustard cabbage flavor (since what's basically used is only salt just like sauerkraut). Not as cabbagy as sauerkraut but slightly similar.

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Kiam Chye, looks interesting. I guess that's maybe where 'Kimchi' originated from. If you've had both, how do the tastes differ?