Sar Po Fan 沙煲飯 Crab Claypot Rice

Who could resist a divine simple dish as claypot rice? I remember 32 years ago, when I stayed in Singapore for about a month with my dad, I just loved claypot rice and back then I knew this dish as sa po fan. Now I find that this dish is so easy to make, I don't understand why people in Singapore queue up and wait for an hour to eat this dish -make it on your own you lazy people! (yes I am just kidding). I noticed that in Hong Kong "sar po fan" is called "po chai fan" and the Chinese character is also different from the one in Singapore -煲仔飯. From semantic point of view, I really wonder what the difference is...
I've always wanted to taste crab claypot rice (or even fish head claypot rice) so I made it for staff meal. Jasmine rice was used and crabs, salted fish, larp cheong (chinese sausage), dried mushrooms and kani-miso (crab innards puree) for that sinful richness. Boy, when I opened the claypot lid, the sweet crab aroma filled the entire kitchen mmmmm....I am sure you could imagine that... and crab must be happy too. Sprinkled with deep fried shallots, scallions, cilantro, shredded ginger and drizzled some shallot oil and dark soy sauce.


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