Singapore Airlines Halal Meal

Last time when I had the special airline meal at Singapore Airlines A380, I chose vegetarian
because I was curious -and it was surprisingly delicious!  The passenger sitting right next to me happened to order the halal meal.   We were both curious of each other's meal and so I thought, next time I will reserve a halal meal -which contains halal chicken.  The halal meal is basically like vegetarian meal, except it contains chicken.  Green beans were acutally not mushy and not discolored -it was a thoren, a south indian vegetable stir fry accompanied with delicious chicken curry.  This must have been made in Singapore because, it is extremely difficult to get fresh curry leaf during this season and also, basmati rice is in shortage now in Japan.  Actually, there is curry leaf plantation in Okinawa now with huge demand from nationwide Indian restaurants.  I would love to visit the farm one day....  Basmati rice is a rare find in Tokyo now, I don't know why but the purveyor says it is a global thing.  Yet, when I visited Mustafa quite recently, there were stacks of basmati rice -what da?  Anyhow, the airline meal once again was great and truly satisfactory and I must say, it is much better than the regular mass produced one..... damn I should have kept this all secret.....

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