What's Cookin' in Our Kitchen: 咸菜鴨湯 Claypot Kiam Chye Ark 潮州風鴨汁

In French cuisine, when you have a duck, you typically associate it with orange. In Japanese cuisine, you assciate it with grilled leeks and the Teochews asscociate this with kiam chye (preserved mustard greens) and kiam buay (pickled sour plum). Thank goodness, kiam buay is something very similar (or almost identical) to our pickled sour plum known as ume-boshi ("ume"=plum and "boshi"=dry). I had no problem making this dish, although kiam chye is canned one, which is made in Thailand -not bad at all. The richness of the duck broth is complemented by sweet sour taste of kaim buay and complex acidity from kiam chye and tomatoes. A truly comforting and yummy dish to go with steamed rice!


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