Pig's Organ Soup @ Koh Brother Tiong Bahru 猪什湯

I love spare parts, namely, organ meats like liver, kidney, heart, intestine, lungs, brains etc. -the list goes on. I have two favorite places in Tokyo that serve pork spare parts -yakitori style and they are just fantastic -the texture and the flavor contrast are out of this world! Anyways, I came across this pig's organ soup (Teochew dish) in Tiong Bahru and apparently pig's organ soup stalls are becoming an "endangered species." Main reason: "prepping organ meats are an incredibly laborious task." If this is a dying art, what a pity because the soup was wonderful. Imagine slightly light bak kut teh broth with kiam chye, pork meatballs, pork slices, pork intestine, liver and stomach slices without any of the off-taste which results from insufficient prepping. With a tangy chilli sauce and bowl of steamed rice, pig's organ soup is like a organ meat treasure box(ホルモンの宝石箱や~).

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