Bak Koot Teh @ Joo Siah 裕城肉骨茶

There are few things in life that I could eat every day. Without a doubt Japanese food -sushi, Korean food -bibimbap, Italian food -neapolitan pizza, American food -nice classic burger etc. Singapore food -definitely chicken rice and bak kut teh (BKT). Location wise, I usually go to places near the center such as -Ng Ah Sio or Outram Park Rou Gou Cha. Of course at times, I go to Rong Chen. Balestier Rd -I could live without. Well, this time I had wanted to try somewhere different so I hopped onto the MRT and went towards Clementi and took a taxi to Jurong East Ave.1 Blk 347. Joo Siah Bak Koot Teh is truly a gem -Teochew style bTW. The broth looks like a consomme but the flavor is peppery and robust. Right next door, they sell you char kway so I bought some freshly deepf-fried ones to accompany my BKT.
I actually love you char kway with a hint of palm oil scent. Slightly sweet, it adds another dimension to the BKT broth and I want mine dunked and the you char kway sucking all the broth's goodness. Coupled with nice shot of Tikwanyin (oolong tea), it is absolutely divine. Pics from top: shop facade, bak koot teh, soy braised pork belly (melt in yer mouth), the golden trio.
Off to Seoul tomorrow for some nice Korean food.

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