Mee Siam 3rd Attempt

For those unfamiliar with my unending quest for a good mee siam please click here. My third attempt is a Malay style mee siam: tamarind base with sweetness garnished with fried tofu, chives and boiled egg -what simplicity. The stall I went is supposed to be famous -near Raffles Place MRT station ( I shall refrain from jotting down the details because I wasn't amazed). Apparently, when I look at a mee siam recipe, there are long list of ingredients and you wonder why this is so. Furthermore, the recipe is (for a foreigner) highly complicated and when the recipe is highly complicated, you expect out-of-this-world result, but unfortunately this is not the case for me -I am just so ready to meet the true mee siam affficionados and just waiting to be converted, any volunteers? In Japan we have this noodle, very similar to mee sua -thin vermicelli made from wheat flour. Mee siam noodle is made from rice flour and therefore, known as beehoon. Well, this mee sua thing in Japan, we call them somen noodles. Mostly savoured during summer time, where somen noodles are boiled al dente and shocked in ice water, then drained. We eat this with a dip made from dashi (fish stock), soy sauce, sake and mirin. Very simple dish and yet tasty. Perhaps mee siam is like somen. Slightly savoury stock made from tamarind, sugar and tau cheo.

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