Cincaluk / Chinchalok

Contrary to hae ko, Penang's xtra pungent condiment of which I could definitely live without, cincaluk (pronounced chinchalok) it's Malaccan cousin is truly a savoury gem. It is made from the same shrimps as the belacan, and interestingly cooked rice is added and left to ferment. It has a very mild briney flavor and the special flavor derived from fermented shrimp is not as strong as belacan but soft. It is primarily served as a condiment to peranakan meal not as is, but mixed with shallot slices, lime juice and chillies. The one above, I mixed with minced garlic and lime juice which is also great with plain cooked rice. Cincaluk could also be used as a seasoning for stir fry -Stir fried pork with cincaluk, shallots and garlic.


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