Banana Raja -Banana for the Kings, Goreng Pisang 炸香蕉

Banana that's fit for the kings, aka banana raja is a mind blowing banana.  When heated at the right temperature with right amount of time, it becomes meltingly tender, like a very ripe avocado.  When things are extremely tender, you would want a texture that complements it.  So what else but goreng pisang?  The deep fried crust is crisp and the inside is heavenly tender.  The deep fried crust soaks up some of the aromatic elements from the palm oil like you char kway.  Any shop that sells deep fried item, you need to buy/eat it when the shop opens because the oil is fresh.  At Maxwell Road Food Centre, Lim Kee is incredibly delicious and I think the secret is the crust and the fresh oil they use, and of course the main ingredient banana raja is just top notch quality.  Other than goreng pisang, I also like this banana inside roti prata but the banana has to be chopped just right for ultimate satisfaction.


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