Ng Ah Sio at Home 黄亞細肉骨茶餐室

The famous bak kut teh place at Rangoon Rd. the "Ng Ah Sio" has been somewhat updated recently which was quite a surprise for me because they never change.  Although famous around the globe(?), it had that mom&pop feel to this bak kut teh place -very down to earth.  Now they have incorporated the high-tech ordering system -uncle using the wireless digital pad.  They've even come up with a bak kut teh spices for sale (I think for tourist) and of course I had to buy one.  No, they don't sell one only, it had to be a box of ten packets and if my memory serves well, they charged me $30 for 10 packets.  They still do sell a pretty mean bak kut teh though -the ribs were more tender than usual.  If the "you char kway" is a little more aromatic with palm oil, I kinda like it.


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