Squid Chili (Cili) Garam イカのチリガラム

Squid chili garam is a very simple dish, a recipe which I was introduced by a truly original book by Mary Gomes, The Eurasian Cookbook. Ingredients are simple, squid (sotong), garlic, ground chilli, sugar, salt and lime juice. I suppose chili garam is a simple sauce using chili, salt and sugar. The word "garam" means salt in Malay. A very long squid called "surume-ika" is in season now (around 30cm) with a tender and sweet flavor. The gut of this squid is a delicacy in Japan so, for this chili garam dish, I added the gut as well -which adds a nice depth to the final dish. The gut needs to be sauteed well in oil first for the nice aroma to come out. Mmmm..., goes extremely well with plain white rice!


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