Curry Leaf Plant 南洋山椒 Murraya koenigii

Curry leaf, I believe is a quintessential herb in Singaporean cuisine and this is what makes Singapore's immigrants' cuisine very interesting. Where else but can you get a beef with oyster sauce, dark soy, sliced red chilies and curry leaf at Hainan district (Purvis St.)? Or prawns sauteed with coconut flakes, butter, curry leaf and soy sauce?

I searched all over the internet, including Singapore trying to purchase seeds of curry leaf. Of course, at the wet markets and super markets, you can buy curry leaf itself but where can you buy the seed?????? I searched all over but, I was not able to buy them in Singapore. However, thanks to the growing demand in S. Indian cuisine in Japan, I was able to find a place where they sell, a young nursery curry leaf plant via internet. Now, that got me really excited, so I bought 3 seedlings. I ordered and the next day it was delivered to my apartment. So now what to do? I went to a DIY store and bought some soils and stuff necessary for growing this plant but I truly an amateur so someone who knows A-Z of curry leaf, please let me know the essentials! Actually, prior to having interest in curry leaf plant, what I really wanted was laksa leaf plant. Hopefully one day, I'll grow them both.... for my restaurant use of course...

このような状態で来ました。元気そうでなにより。我が子のようにこれから育てて行きたと思う。ちょっと育て方の豆知識がある方、いろいろ教えてください。よろしくお願いします!Curry Leaf Society of Japanでも作りたい感じだ。オリジナルT作ろうかな〜。カレーリーフの発表会とかもいいですよね。これから定期的にカレーリーフの現状報告をします。ちなみに、少ししたら花が先、フルーツも実るのだそうだ。その実でまたカレーリーフの苗が出来るそうだ。追って報告する。

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