Curried Squid

There's something about curried squid.  I personally like the delicate flavor of squid or cuttlefish prepared either into sashimi or tempura eaten with fleur de sel or coarse sea salt, but my alternative is curried squid prepared south Indian style.  Mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and curry leaf combination coupled with squid's gut -spice from the ocean are a delicious treat.  One would think squid gut?  Yes, it works very well into sauces even pasta dishes.  It has a stronger flavor than ink sac but if you saute with oil a little bit, it turns very aromatic than say fishy.  In Japan, we have a pickling method in which chopped squid is marinated in it's own gut with some salt for a day or days.  The result is what we call shiokara (塩辛) -literally translated as salty.  Excellent with a little yuzu zest and bowl of rice.  yummmm.

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