Singapore Style Thai Chicken Curry

Thai cuisine apparently is becoming  a part of Singaporean cuisine, namely, tom yam style soup, Thai style fish-head curry and Thai cze char places are a prime example.   But what constitutes Singaporean Thai cuisine and what is the fundamental difference between authentic Thai cuisine and Singaporean Thai cuisine?  I have devised a Singaorean style Thai chicken curry but don't know what the difference is.  Singaporean style Thai cuisine -what are the essence?  This is off the topic but the big difference between Singapore-Malay style curry and Thai curry is that although they share a lot of ingredients in common, I have never seen a recipe that adds candlenut aka buah keras in Thai curries.  (Candlenut sort of resembles macadamia nuts in flavor and appearance and it's so-called because they are used to make candles).   Maybe I am wrong about this but take for example Thai's adaptation of Penang curry aka geng panaeng.   To thicken the curry, normally one would use candlenut but in geng panaeng, peanuts are used as a thickener and also as a flavoring agent.  Very interesting considering, Malay and Thai share borders. 

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