Herbal Chicken 药材鸡

Not a lot of Cze Char places in Singapore serve herbal chicken.  And I think not a lot of Singaporeans eat this dish very often.  Very humble dish where chicken is lightly marinated with Shao Xing Wine, sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar and salt then double wrapped with mix of chinese dried herbs -double wrapped with parchment paper and foil.  The parchment paper ensures that the liquid and steam do not escape and the foil act as a shield so that the parchment paper do not rip so easily.  What I did on top of this, is that I put the wrapped chicken in a pan and sealed it with a dough so that the nice aroma of herbs will not escape and that the chicken will be cooked in this divine steam.  The chicken is then slowly baked in a low flame for an hour and a half (depending on the size of the chicken).  When the chicken is nice and ultra-tender, it is done.  What's nice is that the chicken retains its shape because it is double wrapped -this technique could be applied to other meat dishes like pork belly.  When I went to Hawaii just few weeks ago, I had a dish called laulau pig at a famous local restaruant called Ono's near Ala Wai.  In fact the food was so awesome that I went there 3 times during my 6-day visit.  Anyways, the pork belly is wrapped in taro leaves called lu'au numerous times so that the pork will retain it's shape after indefinitely steamed (6hours or so).  So, the only herbal chicken I had in Singapore is at B. K. Forture at 887 Bukit Timah Rd., out of nowhere.  I wonder what B. K. stands for.  Photo below, herbal chicken and together with chef and my buddy Shiro in the kitchen.

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