Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice 海南咖哩

Singaporeans know that Hainanese is not only about chicken rice. Economical rice or Hainanese Curry rice is rice with buffet-like choices of savory stuff that has been braised, steamed, deep fired and stir fried served with a dollop of curry gravy (and other sauces). The main show of Hainanese curry rice is hainanese pork chop that's been a staple only in Singapore, not in Hainan. From what I know, because lots of Hainanese men were chefs to the British high ranking officers, they mastered the art of Continental cuisine and breaded pan-fried pork was one of many. However, the cooks would add a little twist to the gravies, namely, by adding soy sauce and/or some oyster sauce to achieve a unique flavor.

Right next to the Tiong Bahru Market, there's a popular Hainanese curry joint called Loo's, established 1946. According to the Article on The Sunday Times which was plastered on the stall window, the curry gravy takes 3 days to make. Rempah's are fried gently for hours and then slowly cooked with fresh coconut milk. I believe the curry needs to rest for 2 more days in a refrigerator so that the flavor melds with aging. And thus, it takes 3 days to make but the actual hours spent on making a curry is just few hours -is it THAT laborious? Don't believe the hype.

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