Ramly Burger Special Homemade One

Anyone in Japan or people outside Malaysia have the desire to make a Ramly style burger?  I say Ramly style because there's no Ramly frozen burger paties in Japan.  Okay, 1st make the omelette -it needs to be quite thin or else when you wrap the burger, it will rip and due to the thickness you will have difficulty eating the burger.
Now as you work on grilling the burger, toast the buns and spread the margarine.
Shred some lettuce and garnish on top of the bun, together with the sliced cheese.  Here, I have purposely wilted the lettuce with some salt so that it's slightly easier to garnish.

Spread the omelette and put some mayonnaise and chili sauce.  Put the burger in the center and sprinkle some spice powder made from toasted chili powder and coriander powder.  Gently wrap the burger (encasing it with omelette).  Now sandwich this with the bun and you're set to go!

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