Ayam Tempra

シンガポール・ニョニャ料理の代表でもある アヤム・テンプラを作ってみました。炒めた手羽先をライムジュース・甘口の醤油・唐辛子で煮込む、フィリピンのアドボに似ています。気になるのですが、なんでテンプラなのでしょうか?

Dished up ayam tempra the other day. Wok fried chicken with soy sauce and lime juice with chillies. This reminds me of adobo and was curious, why it is called tempra. What does tempra mean? Does it have any correlation with the Portuguese, since this is Nonya dish/Eurasian? Why do I ask such question? Japanese cuisine "tempura" is said to be of Portuguese ancestory coming from the word "tempera" meaning temper. Deep fried food were never a quintessential Japanese cuisine, it was brought by the Portuguese together with Christianity, Chillies, etc.

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