Chicken Rice Ball @ Famosa 海南鸡饭団


And then there is chicken rice balls. Who ever thought of this morsel? Make chicken rice into a ball? Actually it was pretty damn good. Rice balls are popular snack in Japan as well -made from plain rice or flavored rice (with dashi) stuffed with all kinds of ingredients -sour plum, grilled salmon, pickles, etc. When I visited the Singapore National Museum last year, there was this incredibly entertaining hawker exhibition. In this exhibition were booths and one of them was chicken rice (others being bak kut teh, roti prata, char kway teow, etc). The history of chicken rice were detailed through a video and according to this video, chicken rice ball is the original chicken rice then transformed into the nowadays chicken rice.. (infopedia singapore quotes something of the same nature) hmmm how interesting.

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Hi, nice blog! Half of my family from Singapore and I actually just was in Singapore yesterday! I'm in Tokyo now though, miss the food already.

Anyways, I believe this is the form of Chicken Rice from Malacca (in Malaysia). Apparently workers in the field used to take it out with them for lunch or dinner because it is much easier to transport, just like おにぎり!